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Over the course of the next few weeks you will run a series of training modules designed to attune you to the nuances of the system. Within the first few days of Gemini exposure, you may notice changes to your sleeping patterns and attention span, and general mental fatigue. However, this will normalise within ten days, heralding a new regime of improvement to the efficiency of all areas of your cognitive function.

Furthermore, as your training develops, system specialists will be monitoring your interactions with the Gemini software with the goal of intuiting your future career path within the HIV Global community, allowing us to tailor your software in order to maximise your career potential.

Depth Work

Of all the responsibilities of a Gemini user, none is as important or exhilarating as the process known as depth working. Aside from the sheer excitement generated by this unique HIV experience, depth work is HIV’s bread and butter (within our context, flatbread and non-dairy spreads are naturally a preferable visualisation1).

By utilising the tone signalling system embedded in the interface, Gemini agents are able to relay their spatial positioning in such a precise manner that any command applied by the user is instantaneously relayed. Although you will not be required to memorise code-strings, proper use of Gemini still relies on the user being able to relay certain basics of everyday computer use.

For the most part, expert knowledge is actually considered a burden for Gemini use. As all code procedures are performed automatically by the agents themselves, depth work is simply a matter of implying an overall unity within the swarm to allow it to function as efficiently as possible. This is achieved by practising a form of self-awareness, which the Gemini will then utilise to appreciate its overall condition, allowing the agents to approach task stacks in total cohesion.

Although you may feel that such a system makes light of your no doubt exceptional knowledge base or abilities, please know that the importance of this user/system relationship cannot be understated. For without this specific function, Gemini code will engage any locatable memory in an effort its exercise its function, resulting in the erosion or even destruction of the data being processed. Though said data may be rebuilt at a later stage, data recovery post such an interaction is a time consuming task even for Gemini, one that would require much if not all of the facility’s resources.

When applied incorrectly, a batch of Gemini agents can be an incredibly destructive virtual force. In essence, if it weren’t for the restraining hand of the user, we could not apply Gemini in any sort of creative capacity. Conversely, the more self-aware the user is when engaging a Gemini swarm, the more efficiently Gemini will be able to perform its role.

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