inside hiv | is gemini completely safe?

Of course! Far from the doom and gloom proposed in the outline of incorrect use of our technology, are the many advantages inherent in its design at both system level and for the user. As stated early in this reference, Gemini’s unique ability to train the intuition of the user will see marked increases in all higher brain function, in essence strengthening your foundations so that you may build the tallest towers of logic possible. These improvements will not prove elusive either, as many users report within their first week of Gemini interaction, an increased accuracy in their ability to calculate and speculate.

How is this possible?

First, by limiting direct neurological interaction to specific areas of the brain, Gemini users are able to avoid engaging potentially dangerous circuits that exist within areas of the limbic system, notably those engaged in biologically addictive behaviours. Thus, the user is armed with a certain calm detachment, which nullifies the compulsion to overuse the device and spares the user from any potential interdependence a direct neuro-chemical interaction would imply. Indeed, trained Gemini users frequently report that the emotional problems they used to find unfathomable in their former lives are able to be dealt with easily, in a calm an abstract manner.

Other mental faculties that will experience improvement for the Gemini user include:

  • Pattern identification over an increased range, especially involving sound
  • Improved spatial awareness
  • Marginal increases in balance, co-ordination and prioperception, expressed in your reflexes and timing

Given the neutral postures assumed when performing depth work, muscle toning and strength programs are recommended to complement these improvements, though this will be covered in greater detail at your scheduled appointment with the Facility Physician.

Should you have any further concerns, let us say this: in all the years that HIV Global has been operating, not a single person has left our employment. That is not to say that one could not resign if they so desired, it is simply noted a means for us to impress upon you the wonders that you are about to experience. Working for HIV Global is unlike any other job conceivable.

Please fill-out the form included with this document and return to your interviewer at your next scheduled appointment.

Finally, congratulations and welcome to the world of HIV.

S Grey

S Grey
Regional Director, HIV Global

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