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Welcome to the cutting edge of digital security.

You are about to embark on a journey of change and excitement that we feel is unmatched in the waking world. We at HIV believe that the rewards of becoming trained in the use of our interface technology go far beyond the mere financial.

This interface has been specifically designed to allow control over our unique and highly sophisticated communications software, which we call Gemini. Although Gemini is no mere computer program, the benefits you can expect extend far beyond the boundaries of systems knowledge: clinical testing has proven that interfacing with Gemini has an invariably positive effect on the functioning of the human nervous system.

As you are no doubt becoming aware, HIV is the world leader of digital communication. At the heart of this continuing endeavour exists our Gemini technology, a system that has evolved the definition of security itself. Developed in-house through our research and development arm, Gemini was originally conceived as a method of sterilising data communication. Over the course of almost four decades, the HEROD Architecture (Gemini’s unique operating environment) has grown to include specialisations in every domain of digital communication, from data storage, security, transmission and encryption, to economic projections that are unmatched by any existing standard.

Forget everything you know.

You may be wondering at this point what any of this has to do with your incumbency. Put your heart at ease Gemini user, as your selection for this role was no accident. HIV’s recruitment processes ensure that only the best people are selected for Gemini training, and as such, you should be confident that you are virtually guaranteed a successful and prosperous career as an important member of a world-leading information technology enterprise organisation.

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