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  1. (adj.) in a poor condition as a result of disuse and neglect.
  2. (adj.) shamefully negligent of one’s duties or obligations
  3. (noun) a person without a home, job or property


a paradox to be meditated upon that is used to train Zen Buddhist monks to abandon ultimate dependence on reason and to force them into gaining sudden intuitive enlightenment.

the derelict koan trilogy

a work of literary science fiction that aims to track the infection of the copy without an original via the medium of story.

Familiar tropes include Greek Mythology, temporal displacement, neural interface computer technology, corporate espionage, mass-media hypnotism, dream engineering, memory transfer, memory failure, warfare, madness, possession and a potentially malevolent A.I. architecture that may or may not have fallen asleep at the wheel.

It is co-written and produced by independent artists Rohan Drake and Belinda Harvey.

rohan drake

lead author


After completing a diploma of Professional Writing, Rohan has long held the dream of writing novels for a living, and by teaming up with Belinda has realised this as part of an independent writing/publishing cooperative. A lover of number theory, emergent AI models and literary fiction, Rohan decided it would be a good idea to mash them altogether and see what it looked like, he is so far very pleased with the result and hopes you will be too.

belinda harvey



After six years as an undergraduate, Belinda decided to leave behind her aspirations to perpetual student and shoot for first class honours. For interested readers, Belinda’s honours thesis on Murakami Haruki’s The Wind-up Bird Chronicle will soon be available for download here. Though we sheepishly admit that such an exercise would make Noboru Wataya proud.

books include

three : a question of identity

two : a question of power

one : a question of sacrifice

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