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Utilising a unique form of auditory access, Gemini is able to impress levels of complexity typically beyond the average scale of human comprehension, allowing previously unheard of efficiency in the realm of digital storage and transfer. The scale of the software is at this point irrelevant: suffice to say that once you are familiar with the system, such concepts are made known to the user on an intuitive level via the interface itself. Forget the days of needing to memorise swathes of platform-specific command code, for with Gemini all that will be trained is your intuition.

It is imperative that the user comprehends that at this level of intimacy, biological factors which you may have so far taken for granted in your day-to-day life will now be of the most critical concern. At HIV, we consider your dietary requirements so important to the optimal functioning of our software that any deviation from our prescribed allowances will result in immediate termination.

Obviously such concerns are not arbitrary, and form the backbone of decades of careful research. In a kernel, once the connection between Gemini and the user is established, the software will begin to respond to natural rhythms and impulses of each individual trainee, and so failure to control certain impulses at the pre-conscious level will lead to complications with the Gemini executive functions. Simply put, the diet is designed to eliminate cultivation of volatile appetites, to achieve ultimate efficiency between user and system.

Though the thought of a neural interface may at this point seem daunting, understand that the Gemini interface has been perfected over the course of three decades, with the only recorded side-affect being a marked improvement in every field of mental acuity. In truth, we at HIV truly believe there exists nothing on earth that has a more positive influence on the human brain than interaction with Gemini software.

Dietary Requiements

All Gemini users are to refrain from consumption of the following substances:

  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Processed foods1
  • All prescription drugs and illegal narcotics2

1Though not mandatory, we have recorded an increase in stamina in those who choose to eliminate processed foods entirely, especially dairy and yeast products. Please consult Facility Physician for personalised feedback regarding diet.

2Should prescription drugs be required for any reason, consultation with the Facility Physician Executive is compulsory.

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