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Inspired by the growing wave of bottom-up intelligence models, HIV’s forbears initiated the HEROD Research and Development project to develop data security solutions in response to issues identified with packet switching technology. Developed during the 1960s and perfected over subsequent decades, HIV believes that the HEROD Architecture still remains the world leader in information systems security. So far-reaching was this design, that despite the myriad leaps in information technology, our operating system and unique interface technology remain virtually unchanged and forms the backbone of the Gemini software.

Now in its fourth iteration as Gemini, the genius of the original design has catalysed many of the more important qualities of the system. Gemini’s compression, back-up and encryption capabilities all stem from facets of the HEROD Architecture and still operate at a level that transcends current AA security standard. Though perhaps even this pales in comparison to the infinitesimal scale at which the current system operates.

By recording each data fragment within its own mapping structure, each Gemini agent is able to perform tasks of memory free from the burdens of actual space acquirement. Which means not only can our software rebuild any system from scratch, but that any back-up employing Gemini’s unique data compression requires no additional server infrastructure. Aside from the obvious implications to cost saving, Gemini’s ability to retrieve data is so far beyond the scope of any competing system as to be practically anachronous. At current levels, Gemini has been able to retrieve data that had suffered over two hundred and sixteen recorded random mutations.

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