Welcome to HIV Global | gemini: more than just a tool

With Gemini, you will receive full monitoring and updates of all your computer systems within a 24 hour cycle, to ensure that even in the case of catastrophic hardware damage, you will face the barest minimum of losses. So effective is this monitoring scheme, that our clients are often back online in full operation before they’ve even had time to report the problem.

As well as monitoring, our services include full proxy support and warehouse provision, to ensure that you are not subjected to trading losses should your system require a rebuild. Simply send your staff to us and we will provide a fully functional mirror of your system from within 24 hours of your malfunction, while our expert Gemini analysts review and repair your system. Once this process is complete, the two systems will be re-integrated overnight so you may start the next day online, stronger and more efficient than ever.

This last is no simple boast, as any attempt made to subvert the Gemini system is integrated into Gemini’s defensive arsenal the moment the problem has been diagnosed. Our patented operating system is both custom designed and proprietary, remaining outside the public domain where so much damage might otherwise occur, a position that HIV is committed to maintaining. Your company will remain safe in the knowledge that no outside threat has yet to breach the Gemini wall, nor does any threat have access to the means to do so.

Despite this reality, HIV Global remains committed to the research of all such attempts for the sole purpose of maintaining our unassailable edge in digital security. Because of this unique status, your company stands to benefit from every attempt made to gain information on any client within the HIV Global Sphere.

The benefits of such a broad and long-ranged defence cannot be under-estimated, given our history, and the scope of the Gemini client list as it stands today. Corporations utilising the Gemini system have yet to report any permanent data loss in over 30 years of servicing the global digital landscape.

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