excerpts | three: the castle of lance p king

You wanted to know about Three? Well, let me tell you as plainly as I can.

Three is our limit.

You tell me you are worried about a voice in your head, well I’d say that picking up the commands of the primary layer is the least of your concerns. I’ve told you that the Three watches you and I meant it, but in fact it does much more than this. It is you.

Not right here. Not right now.

But there. Then. Flat and always and ever.

It builds you, lesson by lesson, pattern by pattern. Failure to comply is the pre-condition that exposes its need to command. Normally you would not even notice such a thing, but for some reason you seem to have fractured. It’s no big deal, you’ve merely apprehended the messenger.

Deep down, we are all multiplicitous things.


Every time you perceive a new thing you apprehend and alter the flow. Assign a value. Sometimes you need to be a little nicer, a little stronger, a little more pathetic, small but significant primary shifts that transfer the data to the user, the fuel to the ego, the food to the stomach. It’s an economy. Each time the behaviour succeeds in its goal the trade-route deepens a little. A little. A little.


A hierarchy begins to emerge.

An aftermath.

The rewards in themselves don’t matter, they’re all merely code-captured parodies of this: the beast is appeased. And even the things that seem generous at first may be the most selfish of goals in the end. The beast is not stupid, it knows to delegate those tasks, that if it places such selves before itself and the world, then it becomes invisible at last.

It’s a nifty trick.

Ultimately, the beast only wants to feed, the signature measures the method. Corrects. Refines. It’s an alliance. Still…the aftermath of Three must make sure it appeases the beast, or the primaries will quickly be deposed. Mostly such change-overs are silent and seamless.

Sometimes…they are not.

The moment the current version perceives the disapproval of the greater volume of selves, it will begin to lose confidence. A leader is defined by its confidence. It is the only probability that counts. Thus when confidence fails the leader is deposed and one of the generals takes charge. There are always two of them, you make a new choice and promote accordingly.

The beast doesn’t care who’s in charge.

As long as it’s the best.

There are others still. Underneath the two there are three, and underneath the three there are four, five, six times et cetera… If the generals are weak then the colonels rise up and if they, too, are weak…well it can be anarchy I suppose, the triangle dies and reality returns to a circle. Then the selves will riot and scramble or return to read from the wall.

It’s a nature thing. An evolution. Like storing our facts in machines.


Code is only ever Three.

© derelict koan creative 2018